Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rose is One Month!

With Big Brother Samuel, see me smiling!
We visited Grand-Nanny today, she was so happy to see us!
Time goes by so quickly. Rose is doing very well as you can see. She is a very good baby, very easy to care for. There haven't been big changes or milestones the last couple of weeks, but here are some things we notice...
*she has lost some hair and it is a beatiful auburn red
*she has grown a little, of course:)
*she has gotten used to being changed and loves the changing table, she will just lay there and look around
*she also enjoys the swing more
*she is starting to coo at us. and sometimes just looks like she is about to break out in song!
Things are getting back to normal around the house. We are still working together to cook and clean, and keep the toddlers entertained. We are also easing back into our school routine.
While laying on the changing table one evening, Samuel was trying to teach Rose to say "hello". Sure enough she responded and he was so excited. I heard her coo, but not say "hello". He insisted that I quit what I was doing and pay attention. He said again to Rose, "Come on Ro-Ro say heelloo." She promptly responded "haa-ooo". So precious, I guess I shouldn't have doubted him:)


Monica said...

She is so beautiful!! I just love red headed girls:)

I'm glad that you are finding the new "normal" so quickly. Blessings.

Tammy L said...

Rose is so sweet!! I didn't know you were planning a home birth. :) I loved the picture of the midwife weighing Rose... I've never gotten a picture of my babies being weighed... I really should next time! :)

What's really funny is that when my mom called my grandma to tell her that we had our baby, my grandma thought my mom said the name was "Rose Patience" instead of Ruth Patience! So then my grandma told a whole bunch of people that the name was Rose! LOL :D

busymomof10 said...

What a Beautiful Baby!!!