Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homemade Thursdays

All my girls except for Anna have been blankie girls. Wendy and Lily have been very attached to their blankets. Wendy has a pink Martha Stewart blanket, from my Aunt Barbara, that has been worn so thin it is barely in one piece-thinner than a dryer sheet with big holes. She loves it still and says it is beautiful. I bought her a similar but thicker blanket when she was 2 to see if we could "replace" the grubby one. She wanted nothing to do with the new one I offered, but thankfully Lily took right to that one and it did not go to waste!

I crocheted this blankie size blanket for Rose for her first birthday. It may not become her favorite. We'll just have to wait and see. Click here to see the pattern. I used the softest yarn I have ever felt! It is this bamboo yarn from Micheal's. If you are into yarn, you must check out this squishy, wonderful yarn and find something to make with it!

We also made this sweet little card for my husband's co-worker that had a baby boy this week! I picked up the stamp of baby foot prints at Wal-mart several years ago. It is my favorite for obvious reasons:)
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