Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rose is 10 Months Old!

We will be celebrating this child's birthday before we know it! She is such a joy and so full of personality! I snapped these pictures one after another, it is so funny to look through them and see her personality. She only knows a few words, but these pictures say a lot!

fyi...she threw her fry and it landed on her head, I laughed so hard!!!

About me...
I love
apple juice
my exersaucer
chewing on Mama's keys
crawling army style
my people
my dogs
being carried
the piano (playing and listening)
my basket of toys
couch fuzz (don't ask)
I hate
having my nose wiped
being put down when i am sleeping
when they take away my couch fuzz (don't ask)
when Mama leaves the room