Friday, January 16, 2009

Morning Routine

I want to join the challenge by Crystal to follow a morning routine. I do these things every day, but not necessarily in the proper order to be most productive. `I'm easily distracted and get off "course" easily. To keep on track, this list of five things to do first thing will be on the side of my fridge by the coffee pot.
  1. Get ready for the day, personal hygiene
  2. Start coffee, drink water, take vitamins
  3. While coffee brews, start laundry that is scheduled for that day, change Rose, check cloth diaper supply for the day
  4. Bible reading, have coffee
  5. Read email, nurse Rose, make to do list for the day

Note of encouragement.... The older kids all have a specific morning routine also. While I am following my morning routine I have to meet the needs of Wendy, Lily, and Rose and guide the older kids through their responsibilities (mainly keep them from talking too much) so school can begin on time. With that said, I remind myself that my family is my ministry and focus. This post by Laura says it so well! EVERYTHING I do is interrupted and there is no absolute schedule to this routine. There are no "scheduled breaks" for spills, potty breaks, dirty diapers, bickering and discipline, a sock in the central vac, etc. :0) It just is not possible to follow a set timed schedule with littles. Notice that I did not set an exact time for this to begin or end or a set time for each chore. I just need something to come back to in order to refocus. Don't be a slave to your list, use it as a guide! We do have goals of finishing tasks by a certain time while remaining flexible. The Lord will bless our effort.