Tuesday, April 29, 2008

5 Budget Busters!

I've been tagged by Sarah at Fiddledeedee! She shared her top 5 budget busters last week and "tagged" me to do the same! So here goes in no set order...
  1. These first two are totally dependant on planning and organization. We spend less in these areas when I plan and organize. I would say this is true in all areas of spending! Food! Food is a biggie here. With so many mouths to feed and two growing boys , there is a lot of food coming in and quickly being eaten. "What's to eat, Mom?", "What's for ......breakfast, lunch, dinner?" echoed over and over! It's nice when I actually have an answer, and I usually do, because I have a menu plan and shop accordingly. But when things don't go as planned food is a huge budget buster! Feeding so many with take-out, even the dollar menu is expensive. I always think in terms of how many groceries I could buy when we have to spend extra. I need to do a better job in planning for times when I need a quick meal and we could save more in this area. I have said, it's a shame we can't eat toothpaste and shampoo, hee-hee! Fellow CVS'ers will know what I mean!
  2. The second is clothing. When we aren't organized, it is so hard to know what we have and what we need. It is so nice to pull out a well labeled tote of size 2 summer clothes when you need it for the next in line, but it doesn't always work out that way! Having five girls in a row, organization of shoes and clothes can and has saved a tremendous amount of money as they "hand down". I am a "sucker" when it comes to dresses. It is so hard not to add to our dress collection. We have been blessed over the years with a huge collection of dresses. I love having them and try to resist the urge to buy more....I just remind myself..."Tommy's gonna kill me if I buy another dress...OH, this would be so cute on...But, Tommy's gonna...." You get the idea?!
  3. Heating and cooling a 4000 square foot house....enough said!
  4. Hobbies can be a budget buster. Photo supplies and scrapbooking, I love it! I have a small fortune in supplies and little to show for it! Someday I will get it done, I love scrapbooking and if someone can tell me how to get it done with so many littles, please share! Oh, one more thing, babies, sweet babies, another "hobby" of mine:0) I love all the stuff that comes with babies. I have learned to keep it simple in this area, but I have to resist the urge to buy baby things. It helps that I am a home-body and don't shop much!
  5. Lastly, having three babies and moving twice in the last four years has been expensive. I'm not complaining...I love my babies and the moves were job related and God is good to us. We have everything we need and a lot more! I have been blessed with a very hard working husband and I have never had to worry about money.

Now I'm tagging Monica and Tisha!