Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

Lily and Wendy just met a black snake in the back yard. We heard them scream and they came flying in the door. They were scared, to say the least! They were both pale and trembling (even their lips didn't have color.) Breathing heavily they said,

"It was huge!""
"Get the boys!"
"It stuck it's tongue out at me!"
"Yeah, It was mean!"
"The boys can shoot it."
"And they can have it for dinner." (Lily adds!)

Well, that broke the tension and we all cracked up!! The laughter and some hugs brought back color to their face!! I'm so glad they have each other and rarely leave one another's side. Sweet sisters, what a blessing! And how neat that they thought of their big brothers to rescue them. It's a shame none of the guys were here to "save us" from the mean snake!!