Monday, March 24, 2008

Making Your Home A Haven

I thought about letting the kids have a break from school this week, but I think now is not the time. We have just recently got into a pretty good routine since having Rose. We will attempt to fit in some Spring Cleaning this week though. Nothing too major just some basic stuff. I am going to make a list of just a few things to accomplish this week. If I think too much about all the cleaning that really needs to be done I will just get grouchy. No one needs a grouchy mama:0)!! So keeping it simple, here's my list...

  1. Monday-Laundry- tommy's clothes, clean out refrigerator and freezer, make a grocery list and menu for this week ( attempt to stay within budget for the rest of March), go to grocery store.

  2. Tuesday-Laundry-Wendy, Lily, and Rose, deep clean bathrooms, we have four so this is more than enough for one day!

  3. Wednesday-Laundry-Abby and Anna, sweep/vacuum and mop all floors

  4. Thursday-Laundry- Jacob and Samuel, wash windows so we can see more of all this pretty spring sunshine! Start packing for a trip to Nana and Papa's house next weekend, we are excited!

  5. Friday-Laundry-whatever needs washing! Pack and prepare for our trip!

I will update with some progress, hopefully! Have a great Monday and visit here for some cleaning inspiration!

    Monday Update:
    Monday's list is done! I am so glad I made this list. It gives more of a sense of accountability and I usually lose a paper list or just forget about it in the business of the day! Here are a few pictures: Before:

    Lots of help wiping out the refrigerator:

Doing inventory:


Now the fridge would not pass a strict white glove test, but it is a huge improvement and we know what we have. We made the menu, a list, and got groceries! One more load of clothes is in the dyer that we will finish this evening. I hope the rest of the week is as good! I will continue to update!