Friday, May 2, 2008

Wendy's Four!

Wendy was excited about her birthday for a loooong time. She told everyone, I mean every single person she came in contact with that her birthday was March 31. Her age varied depending on the day, but she always knew March 31, which started out sounding more like March farty-first. We worked quickly to correct that pronunciation:0) This is Wendy at my sister's house in Maryland. We really enjoyed having her party there. Wendy wanted cup cakes with sprinkles and strawberry ice cream! Her gifts included new sand box toys, clothes, play-doh, and pink tye-dye crocs!

Here's Wendy playing dress-up. This dress has been loved and worn for years. I can't believe it is still in one piece. That's a lavender hankerchief with a green scrunchy on the front, her own fashion creation!

Wendy's hair is getting so long. She is learning to brush it and can put it up in a pony tail all by herself.
Wendy loves to play babies and puppies. She would drop any inside fun to go outside and ride her scooter or jump on the trampoline!
Happy Birthday Wendy, we love you!