Monday, June 23, 2008

Simply Cutting Watermelon

I came across this video from a link on Like Merchant Ships a while back. Meridith's blog is one of my favorites! I thought the video's instructions for cutting melons was interesting, but wouldn't work. I often dread cutting fresh things because I'm lazy that way and it makes such a mess. I decided to try cutting a watermelon this way, just to see how it would work. This is how...

First cut the ends off and set the watermelon on one end. I tried a couple of different knives to see which one cut through the easiest.
Then I continued to cut off all the rind.
I was surprised how easy and how fast this went and how little waste there was of the actual fruit.
Another good thing I noticed was that very little juice was lost until I started cutting into chunks. This made for a much easier clean-up compared to my usual method.
This was a perfectly ripe melon and we enjoyed it very much. I will dread this chore less now!
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Making Your Home A Haven Monday

Monday is always "extra" busy here. There is lots of laundry and clean up from the weekend, but thankfully I am usually a bit more motivated after a weekend "off". Here's a to-to list
  1. Wash Wendy and Lily's laundry (started)
  2. Fold and put away clean laundry from Friday
  3. Make a menu and grocery list (done)
  4. Run errands...library, vitamin store, Kroger, dollar store

I'll update tonight how the day goes....Read more at Biblical Womanhood.

**updated** We made great progress yesterday. Lists and errands are done! Laundry is a work in progress. It's never done. We got behind last week, so we will play catch up all week:0)