Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Favorite Things...Baby Edition

My sling...a baby sling. I have used a sling to carry my babies for a long time, with the last 6 babies. I would have used one with Jacob, my first, if I knew they existed. I have big fat babies that grow really fast. I love them and their rolls and I love carrying them around so they can be a part of what we are doing and evidently the view is better because baby loves it too:0)

The sling allows you to carry the baby in several positions. Rose loves to "ride" like this...

This light blue one is a Nojo brand. You can find them at Wal-mart. We bought it recently at a yard sale for $2.

This is a picture of me carrying Rose at a recent Festival. After the first few minutes of looking around and smiling at people she was happy to snug in and sleep for a long time. I just can't say enough about how comfortable it is to "wear" your baby this way. I was also able to protect her from the sun. The black one is a SlingEZee by Parenting Concepts. This one is my favorite. It comes in small, medium, and large. I was also blessed to find this one second hand several years ago.
I plan to join Sarah at Fiddledeedee for more favorite things!