Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day at the Carters

Christmas mourning.

Real smile please!

Much better!

Knew wii game!!



Christmas dinner with family.


Yummy Deserts!! 

Sled Day!

Grand Daddy w/ the kids.

Piling on!

I thought snow dogs were bigger?

Day w/ Grand Daddy at the Staunton Museum

Jacob keeping an eye on the girls.

Grand daddy, Wendy and Samuel.  Pretty day but cool.

Walking together.

Rose just hanging out on her three wheeler.  Wonder what Grand Daddy's explaining to Samuel?

Rose wants to see.  Don't worry she didn't fall in.

Lilly bug!

Anna-Kate is growing up to be a beautiful young lady.

Anna-Kate splitting some logs.

Wendy, Anna and Lily watch as Grand Daddy takes a turn.

Big Brother Jacob!

Jacob has always been a great big brother.  Here he is reading to the girls.

Happy Birthday Nanna!

I think this was a Boston Creme Cake.  Very rich!

Happy birthday to youuuuuu!

Somebody's surprised.

I think Rose is the happiest!

Looks good.

Couple Pictures

Love is a Rose!

Rose was one of two home birth babys.  There is a special bond w/ her.  She lovesssss her moma!
Below, Nanna giving Rose a bath in the sink.  Soon she'll be too big to do this.

Rose getting her hair done.  It's amazing how quickly Rose has grown up over the last little bit.  She's definitely going from a baby to a toddler.  Very independent trying to keep up with her older brothers and sisters.

Crayon Muffins!

Krafty Abby took broken crayons and made 'crayon muffins' which the little girls can use to color with.

All it takes is one cute little girl and a handful of broken crayons.

Bake on 350 degrees until fully melted.

We did find there was a little crayon residue left.  May want to use extra spray.

Winter Wonderland

Our big Christmas snow.  This picture was taken from our back window.

We love Wendy!

Wendy is one our middle children.  She's the oldest of our second 'wave' I always say.  She has a sweet spirit and is always wanting to help.  She is torn between wanting to be w/ the big kids and wanting to play with the little kids.  Below is Wendy w/ her mustache.

One of the best pictures of Wendy.

Dolly Wood!!!

Kids went to Dolly Wood and had a blast.  They mainly rode the roller coasters.  Lot of lights as the theme was Christmas in Tennessee.