Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

B-oatmeal, fruit, nuts
L-pink smoothies, tuna salad or peanut butter sandwiches
D-spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic toast

B-eggs, toast
L-pbj, carrot sticks
D-baked chicken, rice(cook extra), peas, tossed salad
to do-make granola

to do-make soup
B-granola cereal, milk, bananas
L-chicken noodle soup with carrots
D-calzones with broccoli, ham and cheese
to do-thaw turkey for lunches and soak beans

B-cinnamon raisin biscuits
L-smoothie, turkey and cheese sandwiches
D-chili and rice

B-granola, bananas, milk
L-turkey and cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks
D-eat at church, no cooking!
to do-thaw fish and chicken

Brunch-french toast
D-baked trout, baked teriyaki chicken, slaw, homemade rolls

B-oatmeal, fruit, nuts
D-taco salad

Pink Smoothies

Rose is patiently waiting with her cup for a smoothie.

I used to serve smoothies most days of the week. Now that I'm serving nine, it's more of an occasional treat. I may be able to serve them more if I can get back into making yogurt or keifer (a yogurt type drink).
frozen strawberries
vanilla yogurt
Add one and a half bananas and four spoonfuls of yogurt. Fill the blender halfway with milk. (orange juice makes a great smoothie too) Blend this until smooth. Add about four handfuls of strawberries. Blend until smooth and serve right away.
We make this twice to serve everyone.
This is so good. Making it with milk makes it taste like a strawberry milkshake. Add a little whipped cream on top and you've got yourself a gourmet desert.
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