Thursday, February 14, 2008

Boys Earnin' Their Keep

Jacob age 14
Samuel age 12

Our neighbor had this tree fall in a terrible wind storm that came through our area last Sunday into Monday. He called to offer the job to Tommy and the boys before he called his professional tree man. Tommy was on a business trip, but Jacob eagerly and immediately called and accepted the challenge, knowing his Dad would approve.

I have hardly seen the boys the last few afternoons. They took this challenge seriously and have enjoyed hacking away at this tree and have done a great job at it. All their experience gathering and chopping wood with their Dad has really payed off. After the boys stripped the tree of all it's limbs and cleared all the brush, Tommy went over with the chainsaw and cut the tree into logs. The boys then took over again from there.

I have enjoyed watching them work and seeing their progress. They are growing into strong, able bodied young men.

Besides the fact that they love working with tools like their Craftsmen axes, doing a job like this allows them to be outside, get really dirty, have man hands, smell like a Christmas tree, and say things like...."I climbed and jumped out of a forty foot tree today." And "I jumped over a forty foot tree today!"

After this wood dries out, we will have some good firewood. The Lord has blessed us with opportunities to gather free wood all winter long!

Boys were designed and created to work and provide and we love to see ours doing so!

By the way, Samuel is saving money to buy a new bike and Jacob, he just likes to save!

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