Friday, July 10, 2009

A Birthday AND Free Food...

It doesn't get much better than that. We all enjoyed some delicious combo meals from Chick Fil A today. That's a big treat for a family our size. AND it's Jacob's 16th birthday. It is sooo hard to believe I have a kid that age. We've had a great family day and lots of fun dressing up like cows. You might think I made my older kids dress up. Nope, they were very willing for good free food! I asked Jacob last night if he would mind dressing up to go and he laughed and said he would even dance for food. Like most teenage boys he LIKES to eat and eat he does.

Samuel, as usual had a really unique style for his cow costume. That's a black trash bag and a spot on the rump, just like any good cow :)

Lily may have been the cutest cow we have. She could hardly wait to go to Chick-Uh-Lay as she called it. The afternoon could not come soon enough for her so we could go. The location we went to had an indoor play area which made it even better for the little ones. We will look forward to Cow Appreciation Day 2010.
~~Happy 16th Birthday Jacob~~
We love you very much!!