Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Favorite Things....Baby Edition

This is a must have! The Clean Shopper is a quilted fabric cover that covers the seat of a shopping cart. The picture is from their web site. I bought mine on ebay for half of what they sell for new. I actually have two. Usually Wendy or Lily want to ride in the cart too. Even if they don't use it in the front seat we will fold the cover in half and they sit on it in the back of the cart. I love being able to protect the baby from all the germs on the cart handle. It works well on the tiny carts at CVS and the giant carts at Sam's and everything in between.
I was in Walmart recently and there was a toddler in a cart with two binkies, one in her mouth and one in her hand. She was cute as a button, and we watched her rub the binkie in her hand back and forth over the cart handle, then proceed to switch it out with the one in her mouth and start all over again. I literally got chills and felt a little sick! And because this is the kind of thing my children would do I have a cover for the cart! You can also use it over the wooden high chairs in restaurants. Like I said, a must have.
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