Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. If a frog landed on me I would be more upset than if a spider got on me.

2. When I was a little girl, I wished I was Laura Ingles Wilder and would wear my robe tied around my waist like a little pinafore.

3. I could keep having babies until I was no longer physically able.

4. I love feminine, frilly things. But you would never know it if you saw me in Kroger in my sweats and tennis shoes.

5. I LOVE coffee. Just plain old coffee with lots of half-and-half.

6. My family means everything to me.. I am blessed.

7. I was saved at summer church camp and baptised in a swimming pool. I was twelve years old. I will never forget it.

8. I have loved being in church as long as I can remember.

9. I have nursed all of my kids and they have all slept with us for some period of their babyhood.

10. I dream of being a grandmother. I pray that my house will be filled with visiting grandkids.

11. I love peanut butter.

12. I struggle with the decision to grey naturally or color my hair.

13. I dream of owning a little property in the country, but I'm really more of a city girl.

14. I volunteered at a hospital for a couple of summers in college. I worked on the floor for the terminally ill. There were at least two times that I remember answering a call from the nurse's station to find to patient had stripped off their clothes. eeewwwwwww!

15. I loved my Mamaw and Papaw and miss them something awful. They were a huge influence on who I am today.

16. I love taking pictures of my family.

17. I think of cookbooks as good reads.

18. I used to be a ballerina and a cheerleader.

19. All of my birth stories are unique, but I am most proud of my two home births and wish I could have had them all at home.

20. I love a coconut candle. It reminds me of the beach.

21. I can be really grouchy and have to constantly keep my attitude in check.

22. I used to love roller coasters and want to go white water rafting. Now I'm too chicken.

23. I was asked in kindergarten if I was kin to the Beverly Hillbillies. I wasn't sure so I asked my Mom;0)

24. I grew up camping, but now you would have to drag me kicking and screaming.

25. I love God and want to do my best for Him!