Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Menu Plan

B-bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits
L-grilled cheese, apples
D-taco salad, cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden

B-waffles, fruit
L- macaroni and cheese, apples, garden veggies
D- chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas

L-muffins, boiled eggs
D-chicken noodle soup, cornbread

B-waffles, fruit
L-leftovers, apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips
D-grilled burgers, tater tots, brussell sprouts

L-egg salad sandwiches, carrots, garden vegetables
D-lasagna, salad, bread,
desert- eclair cake

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Barking Fat Baby With One Tooth!

Yes, you read that right. Rose has a tooth and can bark!! Hey, when your this adorable, any trick is cute. A couple of weeks ago she could say Ma Ma and Da Da. This was soon to be replaced with barking, something Daddy likes to teach all the babies. I always think its going to scare them, but they LOVE it! She loves her Daddy and barks to get his attention...their love language, I guess:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Super Saving Saturday-Abigail's deals

We went to wal-mart to get some of the good deals this week! It was going to be where we spent around 3.00 but the lady didn't ring up one of the coupons for three dollars!! We could hardly stand that we didn't catch it while in line!

2 Bic pens 1.79

1 pack print paper 3.97

1 A&d ointment 3.34

2 kotex 2.00.

4 clean team wipes 6.96

4 relish 4.20

total: around 22.00


-6.00 clean team

-4.00 relish

-3.00 paper

-3.00 She didn't ring this one up!

-1.00 Bic pens

-2.00 kotex

spent 6.00 plus tax.

We had a pretty good week at cvs. Are grumpy manager seemed in a better mood! We did two transactions this week.

Transaction 1

4 Wrigley's gum $4.00
1 Cvs sunscreen $0.19

2 m&m's $4.00

1 Avalart $5.99

1 cvs aspirin $1.99

Total: Around $15.00


-4.00 Avalart

-4.00 Wrigley's gum

-1.99 Free aspirin

-3.00 3 off 15.00 coupon

Spend around 2.00 or 3.00 in ECB'S

get back 3.00 from the avalart.

Transaction 2

2 Wrigley's gum $2.00

1 infant Advil $5.79

4 peak teas $6.76

2 Light bulbs $2.10
2 light bulbs $4.20
1 light bulbs $0.75
5 cvs sunscreen $0.95
Total: Around $22.00
-3.38 2 B1g1 for teas
-2.00 off any skin care purchase
-1.00 off Advil
-2.00 Wrigley's gum
-4.00 4 off 20.00 coupon
Spend 9.00 in ecb's
Got 5 for candy, 5.79 for Advil, 2 for tea.
for more great deals check out and the
centsible sawyer
Posted by: Abigail~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Teenager in the House!

Jacob and Samuel on the trampoline ( I usually just don't watch unless they ask, they scare me!)
Happy 13th Birthday Samuel!!
Thank you for keeping it noisy and exciting around the house, not to mention hilarious. You are a blessing and we love you very much!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

CVS and The Grumpy Manager

Once upon a time, there was a CVS with a manager who loved customers with coupons. The more, the better. He would even point out good "free after extra care buck" items and give me the next weeks sale fliers to plan deals from.
But one day, I went to CVS and the manager was no where to be found. He had disappeared, I was told, "He no longer works for CVS". NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, how can this be, I thought, fighting back tears.(almost)
Ok, we can do this , I thought, everything will be fine, but alas the new manager commenced to hand me my precious coupons back saying "You can't use this one...., You can't use this internet printable more than once...." I introduced myself and Abby as "regular shoppers" and said it was nice to meet her. No response, not even a polite hello.
Abby and I combined our previously planned three separate transactions into one, spent over half of our extra care bucks, and told the other sweet cashiers that were printing photos good bye and thank you to the NEW MANAGER and promptly left. The END.
Well, not quite the end, hopefully. How do all you CVS shoppers deal with a grumpy store manager? She would only let me use one of the most recent 2 off 10 coupons on one order. Shouldn't she have at least let us use one each, meaning one from me and one from Abby? The coupon reads one per customer. It does not read one per CVS card or one per visit.
I am happy to say that we ended up with a lot of great products in spite of our new manager. I will seriously miss the old manager. He was nice and was liked by his customers and employees.
Read more (hopefully happily ever after) CVS stories at The Centsible Sawyer.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Simple Living, Living Simply

Simplicity is the property, condition or quality of being simple. It often denotes beauty, purity , and clarity. Simple things are ususally easier to explain and understand than complicated ones. (as defined on wikipedia.org)

I have been thinking a lot lately about simplicity and the benefits of a simple life. Like the definition states, simplicity is living a life of beauty, purity, and clarity. I would add that this is only possible through Christ. I am saved by grace through Jesus. My sins are forgiven and I have hope in my salvation alone. I am blessed to be a child of God and He has blessed me with a precious family. I am learning to serve my Father by serving my family.

I have a tendency to be a distracted, overwhelmed person; but my desire is to be focused and purposeful. The only way to do this is to daily focus on bible reading and on the Lord. I am learning to fully trust in His plan for my life and follow His commands. I have much to learn. The world wants to make me believe that happiness is anything but simplicity. The world values everything but simplicity....especially for women, we are told that we "need" so many things to be beautiful and complete. I would say just the opposite. The less stuff the better, emotionally, physically, materialistically. We only need more when it concerns God's plan for our life.

My simple prayer for today....Lord, help me die to self, so I may serve you better.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Elizabeth modeling her crazy hair-do!
My niece Elizabeth is with us this week, so our menu is kid's choice and very kid friendly!
B-Honey Nut Cheerios, bananas
L-Beans or chicken and rice soup with cornbread
B-chocolate chip waffles, grapes
L-grilled cheese, carrots with ranch dressing
D-grilled chicken, fettucinin alfredo, peas
B-cereal, bananas
L-PBJ, cheese nips
D-spaghetti, garlic bread
B-whole wheat chocolate chip muffins, grapes
L-macaroni and cheese
D-pizza, watermelon
L-grilled cheese,cucumbers, apples
D-omelets, leftovers
snacks-popcorn, brownies, fruit, sliced veggies, popsicles, chocolate chip ice cream
Read more menus at orgjunkie.com.