Sunday, March 22, 2009

Talking Over Oatmeal...

Wendy and Lily had this conversation over oatmeal this morning....

Lily, "When I grow up I want to have lots of babies, and I will hold them then put them in the floor to play."

Wendy, "When you grow up, Lily, God will put an egg in your body and it will grow. You will wait a long time , then you will have a baby. Then another baby, then, another baby, then, another baby."

Lily, "Mmmhumm."

Wendy, (with enthusiasm) "But FIRST, you have to pick a boy. A husband. IF your a girl you pick a boy, if you're a boy, you pick a girl. Right, Mama? (I nod yes.) Wendy continues...That boy will be your husband, Lily. BUT, you can't pick Daddy. He's Mama's."

Lily, "Mmmmhumm. I won't pick Daddy." (smiling at me)

Lily asks me, "Then who will you be?"

I said, "I'll always be your Mama, but when you have kids I'll also be Grandma." =)

Wendy adds, "But you'll have different hair, right?"