Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Menu Plan

B-banana nut muffins, orange slices
L-turkey and cheese sandwiches
D-one skillet stroganoff with ground turkey, mixed veggies, rolls
to do- put pork roast in crock pot to cook on low overnight

B-oatmeal, bananas
L-ham and cheese sandwiches, orange slices
D- pork bbq, rolls, veggie

B-cereal, milk, bananas
L-beans and cornbread, make extra beans for chili
D-baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed veggies
prepare stock pot for soup

B-oatmeal, eggs
L-chicken and rice soup, bread
D- calzones with ricotta, ham, and broccoli, with homemade pizza sauce
to do-thaw chicken

Brunch-pancakes with all the fixins, orange slices
D-baked chicken, fettuccine alfredo, brussell sprouts
desert-lemon bliss cake
thaw ground turkey and beans, set out crock pot
Sunday- B-oatmeal
D-chili, chips, and cheese
snack after church-cereal with milk and desert