Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where have the years gone.......

God has blessed.
Front row: Anna-Kate, Wendy, Rose, Lily Back Row: Samuel, Abigail, Jacob Is that a young Monica, no that's Abigail. Takes after her mother.
Three words: cute, cute, cute

Three more words: cute, cute, cute (Lily and Rose)

Jacob has really enjoyed running these last couple years. Recently he ran a night race at the Explorer Park. 4 miles at night on trails. He finished 1st in his age group. Go Jacob....

We love the fall...
Guaranteed trouble when these three get together (Wendy, Lily, Rose)
Abigail's cat, Dillon

Roses for Mommy

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Amy said...

Beautiful children!!!! I agree with the cute, cute, cute:)