Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Saving Saturday

I built up a great stock pile of necessities from couponing and rolling extra care bucks at CVS before Rose was born. After a year of concentrated couponing I experienced a little burn out and thus disorganization. I've only bought a couple of newspapers this year and haven't felt the need to get more. I am still using my extra care bucks every few weeks to replace things we need and have great success using printable coupons.

Another way my shopping has changed is a shift from coupons to shopping at Sam's Club. It is quite the extreme from what I had been doing. Sam's doesn't even accept coupons! I mostly buy basic staple type whole foods at a great price and cook up big batches of things we love! I have been pleased the last couple of months with this method. I find that we are eating well consistently and I think I am actually saving more and getting more food by not going in the stores as much. This seems to be working well for my family and frankly it's a relief to have a break from so many coupons. I am glad that I learned that way of shopping so that if I ever need to go back to it I know how. Abby has learned a lot as well. CVS-ing is great for basic math skills!

Purchased at CVS and Walmart:

  • 40 trash bags
  • 7 pounds pet food
  • 2 boxes organic granola cereal
  • 1 pack of huggies diapers
  • 1 huggies baby wipes
  • 1 Suave hairspray
  • 1 cvs D vitamins
  • 3 coffeemate creamers
  • 2 Palmolive dish soaps
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 2 loaves of bread
  • 2 Vaseline lotions

Total Spent:

$8.87 in cash

$5.68 on my CVS gift card (I had a coupon printed on my last receipt for a $25 gift card for a new or transferred prescription, which we needed. The same coupon printed again after I paid for the prescription today!)

Used 14 Extra Care Bucks

Earned 9 Extra Care Bucks

There a many great deals to be found with printable coupons. I found mine today from the following sites:

Money Saving Mom

Southern Savers

The Centsible Sawyer


Monica said...

I think I'm suffering from CVS burnout, myself. I need to get back into it soon, because we need toothbrushes:)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I lived at CVS for about a year. I went from CVS to CVS chasing the deals. But those days are over for a while. I am frustrated with getting my coupons together only to find they are out of a product. Yes, you can get a raincheck but that is one more trip. When I do find a deal without coupons, I get as much as I can afford/store and move on with life!