Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snack For Little Hands...

Some of you will remember my post on cutting melons. The same cutting steps apply here. Wendy and Lily love oranges, but they can be quite messy. I usually cut their oranges in circles or wedges. They usually miss a good bit of fruit and the juices too. All those little strings seem to get in the way of them eating all of it also.

At this point, just slice the fruit long way into four quarters and slice into bite size pieces.
Less waste, less mess, happy kids, happy Mama!
Clementines are also a very manageable snack for little ones. I can usually get oranges cheaper:0)
This post is part of Kitchen Tip Tuesday and Help For Growing Families. Go read tons of great advice for Mamas! If you have young kids you will want to try the recipe links from Mother Hen!


Mother Hen said...

Oranges are so messy. I like cutting them your way and serving with a fork. Is that prissy? LOL
Thanks for linking! :D

Monica said...

I don't like to eat oranges because of the white stuff. Maybe I'll slice them this way and give them a chance.

Yes, I wish we were neighbors, too- Instant playmates and a friend who could truly relate:)

Maybe we will meet someday.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip! I will have to remember that because I don't buy oranges very often because they are messy and hard to eat. But we love clementines too!