Saturday, August 9, 2008

CVS and The Grumpy Manager

Once upon a time, there was a CVS with a manager who loved customers with coupons. The more, the better. He would even point out good "free after extra care buck" items and give me the next weeks sale fliers to plan deals from.
But one day, I went to CVS and the manager was no where to be found. He had disappeared, I was told, "He no longer works for CVS". NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, how can this be, I thought, fighting back tears.(almost)
Ok, we can do this , I thought, everything will be fine, but alas the new manager commenced to hand me my precious coupons back saying "You can't use this one...., You can't use this internet printable more than once...." I introduced myself and Abby as "regular shoppers" and said it was nice to meet her. No response, not even a polite hello.
Abby and I combined our previously planned three separate transactions into one, spent over half of our extra care bucks, and told the other sweet cashiers that were printing photos good bye and thank you to the NEW MANAGER and promptly left. The END.
Well, not quite the end, hopefully. How do all you CVS shoppers deal with a grumpy store manager? She would only let me use one of the most recent 2 off 10 coupons on one order. Shouldn't she have at least let us use one each, meaning one from me and one from Abby? The coupon reads one per customer. It does not read one per CVS card or one per visit.
I am happy to say that we ended up with a lot of great products in spite of our new manager. I will seriously miss the old manager. He was nice and was liked by his customers and employees.
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Helene said...

Found you on CVS Superstars (awhile back actually). Oh I could write a book on this one! My CVS's seem to make up the rules as they go along according to who is having a bad day or just hates customers. I used bogo coupons on a bogo sale two days before I went back to do it again and this time they (different people) were rude and said you can't do that. Same store. There seems to be a lack of consistency and training. Walmart cashiers have deliberately not scanned my Planter's and Buddies (I tested it after noticing it), Walmart and Jewel cashiers said you can't use Internet coupons. Got that rectified quickly. We are treated as criminals for trying to use coupons.
I have no solutions yet. I'm tired of calling the 800 numbers.
I tried to use the free Kraft cheese at Jewel with the Koolaid and the cashier was screaming can she do this? She then proceeded to not scan one of my cereal coupons and take off 28 cents for the free cheese coupon. Then Customer Service reluctantly gave me back the cheese money but never got around to the missed coupon though she had it in front of her.
The Walgreens manager said CAN'T BE DONE when I tried to do the bogo Lifesavers. Walgreens corporate told me it is up to the managers at each store which leaves me at a loss because there is no consistent company policy.

Lisa Brooks said...

Hi Monica,

I, too, have a grumpy CVS manager. She seems okay at times, and then the next visit there seems to be new rules about coupons. I am trying to figure out her schedule just to avoid her. I have noticed that some cashier at various stores just don't like us "coupon divas". I don't let it bother me. I stay very polite and go on with my day. I wish they would learn from us, because it might help them to have a happier life. They may be stressed much more than we are with financial problems. I try to consider what might be going on in there life, and keep a smile on my face even if they are rude. Keep posting!