Friday, May 30, 2008


Another fun week at CVS. This was all purchased in one order! I had a $10 off $50 coupon to use before it expired. We had fun making up this big order! I was relieved to find everything there that we planned to buy. That makes shopping fun and easy! some highlights...

  • Two more bottles or laundry detergent, the kind with no perfumes or dyes, we are well stocked on laundry supplies now!

  • snacks to share after a ball game

  • lots of tea and drinks for all

  • peanut butter for pbj's before we run out to a ball game!

  • some pretty polish for toe nails this summer!

Total out of pocket...$0.99

Total ECB's for next visit...$37.96 !! Looking forward to the June monthly book!!

***Update*** Our Saturday trip....Two trasactions, totaling $43, spent $19 extra care bucks, $1.12 cash, earned $13 ecb's for a total of $33 ecb's for next visit!

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