Saturday, April 19, 2008

This week at CVS

Another great week at CVS. My new goals with CVS shopping are to not spend more that change on each transaction and to get things we need. This was a good week! I was able to purchase diapers, detergent, soap, allergy medicine (for Anna, poor thing), milk (not pictured) and vinegar. I bought bubbles for the babies and M&M's for Tommy! He is sharing with us too:0) It is nice to be able to get needed items and treats too! Almond M&M's are the bomb! Anna is in coupon training. She helped with the big trip in the third picture. Our favorite sweet cashier even gave her a candy bar, which made the shopping experience all that much "sweeter". All this for $2.22 off our gift card and $27 Extra Care Bucks for next week!
If you want to learn more about CVS shopping read more at Money Saving Mom! And I'm a Superstar at Denise's site!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, great job at CVS! I love when I can get needed items and treats at the same time. And, almond M&Ms are my fav! They didn't have them at our CVS this week, so I tried the dark chocolate peanut ones... they're pretty good too.

I hope next week brings you lots more great deals.

Oh, and the pics of your big "12 week old" are adorable! :)

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy