Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

The first four pictures are of my four orders at CVS this week. I am very pleased with these purchases. I was able to buy things that are very useful and not a lot of "extra that we already have in the closet! Here's just a quick run-down...I did four separate orders purchasing what is in each picture, but these are the bottom line totals...
Total ...$93.06
Total spent in cash...$0.76
Extra care bucks for next week...$24.00
This table full is from Kroger! They had a great sale this week that will carry over into next week also. If you buy ten participating items, you get an $5 off your bill. After sale and coupons I spent $58. Twenty dollars was for chicken and another $5 for bananas...can you believe the price of bananas?! .74/lb.!? I have ordered more coupons from the Coupon Clippers to use this week at Kroger for this sale also. I like their site for good stock up sales like this one! Read more from Crystal here.

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