Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting Off Great In 2008

Following my blogger friend and "twin" Monica's lead I am excited to share some organization that has taken place here at home. Her enthusiasm and encouragement started with a list she hoped to complete to start the new year on the right foot.

Our motivation seems to come with a move or a new baby. Since we never really organized many things after our last move (a little over two years ago now) there is much to do! To give even more perspective on how badly we need to organize and regroup I will throw in a bit more history...We moved twice and had two, soon to be three babies in just over three years. I don't recommend this, at least not the moving part. To add to chaos, I am so not a natural at being orderly and do not have an eye for organization. Thankfully I am married to someone who is and is more than willing to help, especially at times like this when it is so needed. (Baby #7 due friday!!!! We have considered naming this one "seven" wondering if it would help us call the sweet thing by the correct name:)

Here are some pictures of what has been done lately. Again, credit goes almost completely to my husband and daughter Abby, a natural like her Daddy and very self-motivated child.

We have made much progress and there is still much to do. The most important thing is maintaining order. I will share more as we go. Happy New Year!!

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Monica said...

Wow!! Great job. Don't you love it when there is just a little bit of order before a new baby comes:) Because we both know that it will be about six months before you'll feel like organizing anything again. So it goes.

I linked you in on my Starting Off Great post.

Let us know when the new baby arrives:)