Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our Not-So-Frugal Purchases

We work very hard to be frugal and good stewards of the money God blesses us with. We try to save money for the future and for retirement and pay cash for everything. I had started a small stash of cash shortly before Rose was born and after a couple of rough nights with her waking and crying, I sent Tommy out with a list of survival items. As it turned out, she was just adjusting to her new life outside the womb and has slept well ever since.

We were able to buy a really nice solid wood glider rocker and a new boppy nursing pillow with the cash I had set aside. He also bought a pack of pacifiers which we never opened:) It was nice to have this money set aside and be able to get these things guilt free. We were both very pleased with the quality of rocker we were able to get. And Rose loves it too:) Although these purchases were made at full price, no coupons or discounts, we are very thankful to have them and they will serve us well for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

I would call those "survival" purchases. :) If they make the baby happy and Mommy happy, that is worth its weight in gold. God bless.