Sunday, December 23, 2007

This Week's Deals

We had another fun shopping week at CVS. The items in the top picture are from one of two trips we made to CVS this week. We went back a second time to take advantage of the great baby soap and battery coupons Crystal shared with us at Today, Dec. 23 is the last day to take advantage of those coupons! To not risk being too repetitive for those coming from Super Saving Saturday, I will just give totals:

Total of items purchased $64.24(not including our second trip for the week:)

Total out of pocket $1.00

Total Extra Care Bucks left $19.50

The second photo is of wipes purchased at Target for only $1.14 out of pocket. Thanks to Tommy and the kids for getting this deal while out Christmas shopping! They used this coupon , which is good thru 1/10/08. I hope to take advantage of this one again before it expires. Stocking up for baby due in just a few days has been fun.

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