Saturday, December 15, 2007

This Week At CVS

I should have named this post, "I robbed CVS this week:)". All kidding aside, we had a very successful week of shopping. I say we because I had help. Not only from Crystal at Money Saving Mom, but from my daughter Abigail and my husband Tommy who came along on the two seperate trips we made...

First trip with Abigail (items not pictured)

First transaction:

1 scott 12 pack 6.49, .75 mc

1 CVS facial tissues .99, Free with CVS coupon

2 Johnson and Johnson baby soap 1.59 ea., $2/1 CVS coupon for each

1 playtex nurser kit, 5.19

2 trident 8 packs, B1G0 CVS coupon

3 Christmas stocking craft kits 1.oo ea.

Also used

$3 off $15 coupon from previous receipt

$2 off $10 printable

$8.97 extra care bucks from previous transaction

Total out of pocket...$1.38

Trasaction #2

2 bags of Hershey's kisses 2/$5, $1.50mc

2 bottle Robitussin cough syrup $4.99 ea., $3 CVS coupon for ea. and .50 manuf. coup. for ea.

1 Tums smoothies, $5.79, $2 off CVS coupon, and $1 off mc

1 gallon of Pet milk $4.29

Also used:

$3 off $15 from previous transaction

$4 off $20 CVS printable

There are a couple of coupons also that were in the mix that I don't recall

Total out of pocket...$1.56

Total ECB's (Extra Cart Bucks) earned...$9.00

Second trip with Tommy Pictured Above:

1 CVS faicial tissues .99, free with CVS coupon

1 Johnson and Johnson Baby wash $4.29, $2 CVS printable

1 Energizer battery 4 pack $5.69, $5 CVS printable, $2 mc (peeled right off the pack in store)

1 Glade Jar Candle (apple cinnamon, my fav.) $2.99, $1 off mc

Also used

$2 off $10

Total out of pocket....$1.00, I paid with a $25 gift card earned for filling a new prescription there this week!

Tommy's deals:

1 CVS facial tissues, free with CVS printable

1 Huggies natural care baby soap $3.49, $1 mc

1 Huggies natural care wash cloths $3.49, $1.50 mc

1 Energizer battery 4 pack, $5.00 off CVS printable, $2 off peely on the pack again

1 J&J baby bar $1.59, $2 off CVS printable

1 item for a gift we cannot disclose .79 :)

1 coke 2L .99

2 bags Doritos $3.49 on sale B1G1 ( Coke and chips were suprise treats for the kids, which they appreciated)

Also used

$4 off $20

$2 off $10

Total out of pocket, $2.41 off the gift card

Total ECB's earned on both transactions...$6

Total ECB' to spend since starting...$36

Grand total savings....$94.63


Sean said...

Hi, Monica. I'm Monica. I am also 35, a homeschooling mom and have 7 children (5 girls, 2 boys). That's crazy!!
Saw you over at Money Saving Mom and just had to come see someone's blog with the same name:)
Great job with the CVS. My husband just got home from doing a little run himself for diapers, milk, batteries, gum and Klenex. Spent $3.00. I love it!!
Look forward to reading more of your blog.

Monica said...

Sorry, I signed in under my husband's name somehow.

jeannie said...

WOW! That is SUPER.. I just started this week on CVS savings. It is so exciting. I hope to get as much as you did one day.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

OK, all of you woman who are doing the CVS thing have inspired me. I tried it last week and the free tissues were gone as were most of the batteries. I did learn to go EARLY in the week! I am going to keep trying!

(here from shine again)